Sharing a Thought | #4

At this internship, I have the chance to learn about the court process and how civil protection orders can be carried out several different ways. The normal process being going to see a judge and possibly having an attorney. This research project is able to give them a chance to try different types of mediation and see if that could be a faster and more effective process than the court option. Like I said in my previous post, I have the task of calling the people that have agreed to be in the study and ask them about which process they were assigned to and their overall feelings about it.

One time when speaking with a woman that went through mediation, I felt the good this research can do if the results are as we want it to be and mediation is an accepted method by the court. The women spoke with such enthusiasm about mediation and how lucky she was to be a part of it. Keep in mind that none of the things she wanted to resolve were resolved and because of this is, I was cautious in how I asked some of the questions, as not to upset her. Yet, she was delighted to have had mediation because she had never experienced it before and she liked how she felt heard and understood by the mediator.

It showed me that this study can have a real impact on real people that are going through difficult times in their lives. I am a long, long way off from having a significant role in this research. But, it’s cool to think the results that are discovered in the end, could legitimately change the laws of how civil protection orders are handled and change the lives of so many  people that would have to experience either court or mediation in the future.


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