Reflecting|final blog (6)

It’s launch time! Or, almost at least. We have had some recent good news at MeVee, and several investors are putting much needed funds into the company which is great. Unfortunately, our CEO’s original time table for when our better version of the application hits the app store was a couple weeks behind and I will not be in New York for the final launch since I leave in just a day or so.

Despite the minor setback, I have tremendous respect and am extremely grateful for my experience and what I was able to learn from the leaders here at MeVee. If anything, I have learned about how to deal with the setbacks the come with business building and how difficult raising capital can be. Because of this, I struggle with any suggestions for what I would change if anything if I were the CEO.  One think I would do is maintain high spirits amongst the interns, especially the tech interns. I know it is easier said than done, but now that we are on our 90th version of the app, many of the interns I speak with are disheartened. Additionally, I would try and be clear about my expectations for each individual and their tasks. For example, last week, since he had all but closed agreements with a few investors, I was given another project for marketing the app via another video ad. My colleagues and I had no idea what to do. In the end, like the last video, the CEO was pleased, and it is totally possible that his lack of direction was a sign of respect for our own ingenuity and creativity.

As previously stated, I feel that it is like pulling teeth in attempting to realistically point out what it is I would do differently as the CEO. It would be easy to say that I would pay my interns a ton of money and give them ice cream, but in reality, so much of what I understand now about managing personnel, running a company, raising money and spirits, the world of coding, is from our CEO. I cannot believe I am leaving! I plan on continuing to help MeVee succeed from home and am extremely thankful for the tools that they have given me! Fall term is just around the corner. Go Blue!


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