Ann Arbor Lessons |#4

I’ve learned quite a bit about the Ann Arbor area this summer during my internship. Technically, my internship is in Saline, but most of my research for donors can be done remotely and I am living in Ann Arbor.

Saline is a quaint, small town just twenty minutes south of Ann Arbor. Minus all of the ridiculous construction happening to the downtown area, it’s a beautiful glimpse of the classic Americana. Saline offers a small town feel where we like to take walks down Michigan Avenue and grab a coffee or lunch at the little cafe – Carrigan’s. It’s mostly a place hidden from the globalization of places like Starbucks or Chipotle. However, we interns love to head down the street to the Dairy Queen for their daily specials.

Ann Arbor is another beast of its own. I love living in Ann Arbor and going to classes… mostly during the fall and winter terms. I’ve had a lot of fun attending many of Ann Arbor’s Festivals, Restaurant week, and summer concert series during my internship. Unfortunately, it hasn’t offered much growth for new friendships or relationships. I tend to miss the hustle and bustle that the school year offers. While I can’t say I’m entirely disappointed in my summer in Ann Arbor, it has not been all that I expected.

The summer vibes of Ann Arbor have offered an entirely new atmosphere and culture. I’ve had lots of movie nights with friends or nights to porch sit and relax. I can’t say that I’ve loved every waking moment of Ann Arbor this summer, but I am definitely appreciate of the more calming and relaxing outlets the city has offered me.


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