Ann Arbor in the Summer | #4


As early as freshman orientation, I heard how much different Ann Arbor is in the summer. Until this summer, I didn’t really believe the hype surrounding the supposedly mellow, adult vibe of this city, despite the summer exposure I got at orientation.

Boy, do I believe the hype now. Without football Saturdays/snow but with Top of the Park/Art Fair/constant heat, Ann Arbor’s personality is almost foreign in the summer. Aside from not having all of the University’s always-entertaining student population, the city stays alive with a more relaxed, mature pulse.

Walking through the Diag, it was still normal to see tour groups and people taking pictures on the M. However, adults and families traffic restaurants, sidewalks, and the M Den.

It was almost reassuring to see the campus that I know so well thrive without my peers. If I were to stick around here after graduation, I could rest easy knowing that there is no day short of something to do. Furthermore, I know that, as an adult, I would have a few months each year to relax from the frantic-but-fun routine that is Ann Arbor during the school year.

Despite the unusually high temperatures of the summer, Ann Arbor showed me that it can keep cool without the young college crowd.


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