#3: Learning from others

For this blog post, I wanted to talk about the importance of learning from others in the workplace, the classroom, and in all aspects of life. During this internship, one of my main goals was to learn from the full-time employees in the company. I wanted to pick their brains, from the newer employees to those who have been with the company (DTE Energy) for a long time.

Internships are meant to teach you about a specific field but the knowledge & wisdom learned from people is taken for granted at times. In my particular group, there are about 7 full-time employees and 3 interns. The full-time employees include a former soldier, two guys who have been with DTE for 20+ years, and even a fellow wolverine. They are always willing to answer questions and give me advice. However, what I enjoy the most is the stories they have to tell. This helps them and me take our minds off of work because everyone needs a break sometimes. The former soldier told me about how he had gotten accepted into Wharton’s MBA program but decided he didn’t want to go and joined the army because of his desire to serve his country. The two men who have been with the company for 20+ years constantly talk about retirement but also enjoy giving advice to young interns such as retirement account advice and even dating advice.

Anyways, the point I am getting at is that internships aren’t just for learning a particular industry or skill but for learning from those people you have to interact with each day. Work can be a bore sometimes, and miserable other times, so in order to enjoy it a little more, it is important to get along with and socialize with the colleagues around you. I never take for granted any conversation I have with these employees as it enriches me and even if it is a menial conversation, it is a break from work. I only have a few weeks left here and I hope to continue getting to know the people in my group and others in the company better during my time.

From Detroit with love,

Andi Bello


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