Halfway Done! | #2

What has surprised me the most is how incredibly on track and self-motivated I have needed and still need to be during this internship.

My advisor and I meet weekly, however, in between I must stay very self-motivated in order to stay on top of my work. I need to parcel out my time so that I work a few hours each day in order to stay on track. I definitely have my good days and my bad days, however I have realized that I am pretty good about getting through the letters at a quick pace.

I have finished one half of my research! That’s all six volumes of the Lisle Letters! Reading and entering around 1,000 letters has definitely been exhausting, but I still have much more to go before the end of the summer and my internship. It’s has also been very rewarding and exciting to have gotten so much done already! Finishing this set of volumes has energized me so I’ll be able to push through the other several hundred letters I have left.

Additionally, I’m very proud of myself for working so much with Middle English. The Lisle Letters are mostly translated into modern English, but several letters have not been translated, meaning I have to struggle through them on my own. It is definitely exciting to gain a whole new vocabulary about 16th century clothing, food, medicine, and animals. I’m an very grateful for all the online Middle English dictionaries, as well as Professor French for helping me get through the Lisle Letters.

Here are the six volumes and all the little post-it notes are letters I had to read, take notes on, and enter into my ever-expanding database!

It’s only going to get harder as I start on the Paston Letters, but I’m very ready! Back to the 15th century!


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