What have you learned about the city in which you are working?  Would you like to return?

Throughout most of my life, I have lived in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn, Michigan is a 15 minute drive from the city of Detroit. Although very close in proximity, the city divides are deep and obvious. I was always told the stories of the violent Detroit- the city where many family members were shot (often at gas stations). The only time I ever really went there was if a concert was playing- and I made sure to have a large group with me. My view of the city was so negative that I highly disliked the fact Dearborn shares the 313 area-code.

This internship has changed all that. Located at the heart of Detroit, I was offered a view of the city that was unlike what I heard or saw on the news. The city is booming with business, the people are hard working and so friendly, and the city is wooven with pride. Since many of the meetings are held in the city, I see different areas and meet a very diverse group of people. If anything, this internship has increased my love for Detroit (almost as much as my love for law).


Also, I feel like a adult with my cubicle and mini-gavel. The office even bought us fancier maple desk. My boss truly loves his interns and holds them dear to his heart. He has a picture of every one of his interns- and my is it extensive. Safe to say I hit the jackpot with this internship.






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