Booking in Beantown, Part 5

Alas, the summer is ending and this is my last blog before I leave town. My experience here has been wonderful and I have learned so much regarding both the music industry and the city of Boston.

In the final week of my internship, I am teaming up with one of our agents to improve our Customer Relations Management and consolidate customer information. Currently, our agents will have multiple applications running on their computers when communicating with a customer, and our goal is to consolidate all of that information into one application accessible via a webpage.  This would encourage streamlined data entry and allow agents better access to customer information and improve their performance during booking negotiations. I am really looking forward to working on this with my coworker because it allows me to incorporate my interest in information technology to help improve their efficiency during the negotiating process. Also, it has allowed me to collaborate on a project with an agent and communicate in more peer-to-peer dialogue rather than teacher-to-student.

In addition, I have been trying to take advantage of my last month here and am going to try to focus on doing less work and more play. My friend invited me to his cabin in Cape Cod for the weekend, so I have been able to take a weekend trip and relax out on the beaches, visit the local vineyard, and enjoy some New England lobster in Provincetown.  For anyone who is interested in the Boston, Cape Cod should be considered a must-see if you will be coming to the area.  It is definitely part of the New England experience.




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