Blog Post# 3: For the Love of Science



Hello All,

I am going into my last two weeks of my internship. It really went by quickly. My internship has had a great impact on my future. It has allowed me to realize my love for science and my love to learn new things.

In these recent weeks I have been able to connect with others who shares the same interest as me. I was able to speak with an electrical engineering professor here at Caltech and talk to her about the adversities that she has faced being a woman in the STEM field. She told me to use whatever negativity as a motivation to be the best. This impacted me in so many ways since I have always been afraid to get a Ph.D in a science because of this specific reason.

I really like what I do and over the years I have realized that there is more than one way to help others. Now I truly do believe so, maybe becoming a Ph.D in a science will help other young women get over that fear.

P.S. These are recent photos that I took at The Griffith Observatory for the love of science.20160805_21440720160805_20410820160805_203156_HDR


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