Humdrum of Ann Arbor | Blog #2

I’ve been living in Ann Arbor during the school year (which should be obvious since I’m attending U of M) but I’ve never been able to understand how small the town was.  I’ve been used to living in huge cities for the majority of my life, and Ann Arbor usually adds an additional 20 to 40 thousand more temporary residents during the fall and winter to attend classes.

Well, I’ve learned that Ann Arbor is quite a small town. I’m normally accustomed to seeing a dearth of students at any given location during the school year. Instead, as I walk from my apartment to my workplace, instead of a steady stream of students, there are vast supplies of squirrels and vegetation. Not that I’m really complaining. It’s been great to soak up the rather small microcosm that Ann Arbor became and appreciate the lax, humdrum moments that happen in Ann Arbor.

I’ve been noticing though that there are A LOT more local events and concerts that happen during the summer as opposed to the school year. Coincidence?



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