Sudden Surprises | #2

In past internships that I have had, the mentorship within the company was weak and subpar. A lot of my work consisted of answering phones and sorting the mailroom, instead of learning about the actual important operations of the firm. With that said, my internship at Effortless Events surprised me in that I feel like an integral part of their team. A huge part of working in events involves coordinating with third-party vendors. My supervisors allow me to bring client visions to life by communicating with these vendors as they normally would, placing detailed orders and ensuring the timely delivery of existing orders. I am also given hefty responsibilities at the actual events, handing day-of logistics for their corporate clients, brides, and at their social gatherings. These events usually hold over 400 guests, so to play an important role in the on-sight execution is not only a huge accountability but also a compliment to their trust in my abilities as an intern. Before hand, I have also been invited to attend floral and linen showings, food tastings, venue visits and event rehearsals, and was thoroughly surprised and excited when my supervisor outwardly asked for my opinion as well as her employees. In the office they also allow me to create floor plans for their events, trusting me to accommodate to their client’s requests, guest count, rental orders, and vendor placements. On top of this, my supervisor often enlists me to conduct marketing research and provide strategic counsel for their rebranding process this summer. When I began this internship, I explicitly stated that I was willing to take on as much responsibility as they would hand my way, as I was seeking a lot of experience before graduation. The team at Effortless Events has met these hopes and exceeded my expectations thus far in my internship.


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