Mentor & Co-workers | Blog #4

Have you found a great mentor?  If so, what makes him/her great?  Have you developed relationships with work peers or supervisors?  What type of programs/initiatives does your company host to foster staff relationships?

Since my principal investigator (PI) is not usually in the lab, I unfortunately have not yet had a chance to develop a relationship. Nevertheless, we have a trusting working relationship, and she allows me to take freedom with my task. She asks me poignant questions, and lets me explore.

I have developed good relationships with my co-workers. My co-workers have sometimes worked together on recruiting patients, and talk about personal lives. Our supervisors are also very amicable, and we have talked about various topics outside of work.

My department often has bonding activities to foster staff relationships. Everybody has open doors in their offices, and the break room is often filled with people. We always have free snacks to celebrate birthdays, promotions, etc. On Tuesdays we have free Bagel days, and Fridays are popcorn days. We have BBQ parties once every couple months, and hold departmental meetings to introduce new staff.


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