I Hope My Mentors Don’t See This|#5


Have I found a great mentor?


I’ve actually found great mentors. That was some serious cheese, but I promise you it’s true.

One of my most influential mentors is the graduate student I work with on a daily basis: Joe. Besides being incredibly intelligent and hard-working, Joe is open-minded when interacting with others. When “researcher” came to mind, I used to think of the stereotypical antisocial and paranoid scientist. But by always collaborating and helping others with their projects, Joe has shown me how social all sciences need to be. As a social person myself, this was a game-changer. I didn’t think I could have a career with anything that didn’t involve talking to other people; so despite my love of science, I remained deterred from research. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

While I don’t work with the other graduate student, Tugba, as much, I frequently hang out with her outside of work (anything from grocery shopping to Greek festivals). Tugba has such a bubbly and out-going personality, yet is able to stand her ground when she feels violated. I admire her for her light-heartedness and strength alike; two qualities necessary in the work place.

A selfie I snagged with these two fools:


Finally, the other undergrad I work with, Halimah, is rare. She has faced so much hardship, yet continues to come to lab with a big smile on her face and lots of enthusiasm. Her social intelligence and awareness of life makes her seem older than she actually is, and her kindness to everyone she meets makes her the complete package. Halimah is so humble and down-to-earth that it seems she doesn’t know how amazing and unique she truly is. In summary: she’s my trophy wife.

In conclusion, it was the lab I had the honor of working with that made this internship an undeniably unforgettable and important experience for me as I continue to grow. I’m thankful to have had these mentors throughout my internship, and for the next year to come (I will be joining them this academic year)!

Thank you so much, LSA, for making this a possibility. As I mentioned in my fourth post, this experience has changed the way I view my future in science, and for that, I am incredibly thankful 🙂

Thank you so much, mentors, for teaching me about life, lab, and myself. Without you guys, I would still be thinking scientists were paranoid weirdos.

My mentors are my role models, and I admire them more than they may know…since we’re usually busy insulting each other:

Courtesy of Tugba, because apparently “I can’t pose”:


Thanks you so much for this internship experience 🙂

Go blue.


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