What Have I Learned About My City |Prompt #5

I grew up in New York City and it is definitely most convenient and makes senses for me to intern in this city. NYC is familiar to me and unlike the other interns, I do not have to check google maps for directions or yelp for good restaurants to eat at. Even though this is a small city, there is a diverse group of people at the office. I got to try some homemade Filipino food this summer and I loved it. I know that everywhere I go, each part of the city is culturally influenced by an ethnic group. Whether it is Little Italy, Chinatown, or the streets of Korea Town, I always enjoy the atmosphere of this city. I particularly enjoy street performances, subway car dance routines, and even musicians who play at the entrance of the subway station. There are all kinds of people you can meet in this city whether you are going out for a mean, a Broadway show, or catching Pokémons.

Although NYC is small, there are endless opportunities regardless of the career path you want to take. I learned that if you want to achieve something, it comes a long way. You must go out of your way and step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to reach out, network, and put yourself out there. New Yorkers may come off as rude and impatient, but there are many people who are willing to listen and open up to you. Don’t be afraid to make friends and go to any event that may interest you. There is always something going on in this sleepless city. I don’t think I could want to work at any other city than NYC and it’ll always be my home no matter where I go.


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