It can only up from here… | #5

It has almost been a week since the conclusion of my internship with Ernst & Young. Upon reflection, I do not think it is the career that I wish to pursue. Don’t get me wrong, I find the material intriguing and life very much opportunistic, but the work-style was too slow-paced for me. I enjoy being on my feet, talking to people, and feeling moments of adrenaline. I did not experience much of that in my internship. I understand that as an intern, I do not have a sturdy grasp to the work that I was exposed to, and perhaps I am gauging accounting inaccurately. Because I know that I have only seen a glimpse of the accounting world, I have not thrown it out of the potential careers that I wish to pursue. I will more-than-likely return for a follow-up internship to assure whether or not accounting is something that I may have an interest in.

All in all, my internship with EY was exceptional. I learned how to utilize Microsoft excel to a greater degree, enhanced my business acumen, learned so much about advisory, audit and tax, and met amazing professionals through it all. Perhaps a follow-up internship with the firm would allow me to see accounting from a different lens. But then again, it could also bring me to the realization that accounting is truly not for me. Though I am in a very hazy spot in my life, I am certain that I will select the optimal career pathway for me.


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