Covetella Ball | #3

WHAT: Covetella Ball
WHEN: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 from 8pm to late
WHERE: New Asia Bar @ Swissotel The Stamford
WHY: 1st Anniversary Celebration


You’re invited to an inside peek of the planning and preparation for one of Singapore’s most luxurious celebrations. Gather ’round to uncover the blood, sweat, and tears put into coordinating one of the nation’s most glamorous parties in under a month.


I was assigned to spearhead my company’s biggest event to date. With no relevant event planning experience, my boss assigned the major responsibility to me. I was both excited and scared to take on such an important task.

Planning was the easy part… at first. I felt as if I were breezing through a maze, only to discover I got lost deep within. The goal was to profit maximize and to cost minimize, which was extremely for an economics major myself. In this case, profit was defined in terms of social media increases. As an e-commerce business, social media presences have a large influence on the success of such businesses. Compiling a list of vendors for the goods and services we needed to purchase for the gala and selecting the one of the best value with adequate quality at a reasonable price was a walk in the park. The difficulty came when decisions were changed–decisions such as which variation of a product to purchase, which services to provide, which graphics to use.

The 24 hours leading up to the event seemed like a journey through the jungle. There was so much physical labor and scrambling around involved. Let’s just say, I was hoping to enjoy the product of this project a little, only to be so worn out by the time I had a chance.


At the end of the night, I was a hodgepodge of emotions. Exhausted, from all of the weightlifting and standing. Relieved, for the chance to finally catch a breath. Proud, to have successfully completed my most important assignment at the company.

The end result? A triple-digit increase in three social media followings: Facebook, Instagram, and MailChimp subscriptions. With over 750 RSVPs, the ball was full of over 400 beautifully dressed guests. Guests began to appear half an hour to the start of the ball. The event received coverage from major news sources such as Vanilla Luxury, L’Officiel, and Covered Asia. The Covetella Anniversary Ball was definitely one for the books.



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