Blog #2

The last two weeks of my internship with the US-Ukraine Foundation have been a wonderful experience.  I have been learning about the intricacies of running an NGO and the endless dedication of the members of the Foundation. The Foundation is having a gala in September. Most of my duties for the past two weeks have been centered on organizing the gala. Our Foundation team has been researching possible venues for the event and compiling a list of possible speakers for the event. The event will focus on the current political and humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

I also attended an event sponsored by Georgetown University that featured Father Patrick Desbois.  Father Desbois is the founder of the Yahad-In Unum, an organization dedicated to finding mass graves of Holocaust victims in the countries of the former Soviet Union. He has done extensive work in Ukraine, where he has located thousands of Jewish victims in unmarked graves. With his team of professionals, father Desbois has travelled to many villages and cities in Ukraine. He has sorted through archives and interviewed hundreds of people who survived the cruel period of Nazi occupation in Ukraine. Father Patrick is reviving history and returning the memory of these victims back to their families.

I have completely fallen in love with DC. Aside from the awfully humid weather, this city is charming and exquisite. Along with the other interns, I love visiting museums and monuments. The fast-paced atmosphere of the city creates a sense of liveliness and excitement. I am definitely looking forward to the next few weeks in DC.


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