#7 | First Day Jitters

FullSizeRender 2.jpgAs my summer working as an intern with Abraço Cultural is quickly coming to an end, I feel that there is no better way to reflect on my experience and how far I have come than by going back to my first day on the job:

I felt slightly nervous as I walked up the stairs into the narrow apartment-type building, sweaty and a bit late for my one o’clock meeting with Carol, my supervisor. Once inside, I headed directly upstairs to find her sitting in a beanbag chair, eyes glued to her computer. We chatted for a bit, met up with two other staff members, and then all headed off to a cool vegan restaurant down the street to break the ice. Afterwards, I sat in on a few meetings about the upcoming classes that Abraço was planning to offer, as well as some of the internal issues that they were facing in order to learn more about the organization and identify additional areas where I could possibly lend a helping hand.

Later that evening I got to know Carol, as well as the English coordinator and both of the English program assistants a bit better as we drank coffee in a nearby bakery, talking about any and everything we could think of. I wrapped up the day by setting up a few more meetings for the week and brainstormed some ideas for potential marketing materials before heading home.

It is amazing to think that so much has changed since that first day. The end of my journey has almost arrived, but I am so happy to have had the experience of a lifetime over these last 6 months in Brasil!


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