Positive Social Change through an Internship

IMG_0760 (2)images

So you know you’re at a true “Liberal Arts” college when your scholarship covers an internship, that provides you with an opportunity to do some work that yields significant changes through social justice.
The second half of the summer we have been using social change tools to try and convince fast food chains, like KFC, to purchase their chickens from factory farms that do not routinely overuse antibiotics. So for all of you who have taken the time to either donate, sign our petitions, or participate in our “Photo Petition”, let me say much obliged. We simply could not do the work that we do without your help.

Two days ago, we were informed that McDonald’s has committed to purchasing 100% of their chicken products from farms that use antibiotics responsibly. By 2017 100% of all of their meat products will be purchased from responsible factory farms. Who said that social justice doesn’t work?



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