LA the city of Angels…and Traffic #9

My internship has taught me much about the city of Los Angeles. To begin, I always thought when I “made it” in life I was gonna move to LA and live here for the rest of my life. That has completely changed. LA is a fun place full of culture and different experiences, so many different types of food and people. I will emphasize that there are so many people, traveling a couple miles on any given highway is at least a 20 minute trip and I never knew that a place could have such heavy traffic at 9 pm, but that’s LA for you! The cost of living is pretty high and getting brunch at a popular restaurant requires 2 weeks notice. Living in Detroit my whole life that lifestyle is not exactly my cup of tea. Although I love LA and will hope and pray that I can return and live here for a couple of years. I could not live here my whole life, it is entirely too fast for a girl like me.

One thing I will say I absolutely love is the weather. There is never a time where I come outside and worry that it may be sunny in the morning and pouring rain by the afternoon. From my time in SoCal and NorCal I’ve learned California summers are great! Although it can get pretty hot once one gets used to the heat it’s smooth sailing from there.


My absolute favorite part about LA was the diversity in the “views” on one hand you have a busy city with people dressed in workout gear running around with their dogs seeming almost care free and just a few miles away there are mountains where you can see the city from a place of peace.image1 (1)

From up in the mountains the city can be seen but not hard. Maybe that’s how I’d like it. All in all I’ve learned much about LA and that’s such a cool opportunity.



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