Influence on Plans #3

Influence on Plans #3


I believe that one of the biggest influences is that this internship affirms that getting an education is the best decision that I could make. I am able to see first hand the work, possibility, and responsibilities between people in the same industry but varying levels of education and degrees. I have also learned that I must continue to learn and improve myself with whatever career path that I choose, so that I am not expendable and therefore am always needed.


In terms of the direct influence of my career plans, I know that I do not want to work in manufacturing or the auto industry but would like to be involved in a STEM career. However, I do want to have several ways to earn money and contribute to my future field. I would also like to earn an M.B.A. at some point, because from my experiences so far, there is a lot of flexibility and freedom of owning and managing a personal company or organization.


Now that I am beginning to further understand the auto industry and manufacturing, I would like to support American made vehicles and encourage everyone I know to do so as well.


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