District Summer #3

My internship is based in our nation’s capital Washington DC.  It is a city rich with history, and filled to the brim with politicians.  You really never know who you may run into.  Whether it’s at Peets or the Capitol Club you can meet anyone from an Ag Committee member, Think Tank-er or even a Senator.  That is the extremely exciting part of living in DC.  You can meet anyone at a coffeeshop—never mind at a reception or fundraiser.

However, DC is a really niche area, naturally heavily focused on politics and issues.  Everyone wants to argue perspectives and everyone has a strong opinion.  In that sense the city becomes more fit for an older crowd.  Sometimes I find myself wishing for just one evening sans discussing my opinion on the Iran deal or having a debate over why Trump is a despicable Presidential candidate.

That being said, I can not imagine a better city to have lived in for this internship.  At the end of the day, politics and economics are my passion and it is incredible to find a city filled with so many young people that share those same passions.  The city is filled with great restaurants, a plethora of museums, and even better company.  I would most definitely return if given the chance.

The picture below depicts the Library of Congress just one of the beautiful buildings I was fortunate enough to spend time in this summer.



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