Booking in Beantown, Part 4

In this my few blogs over the summer, I have been talking more about booking than Beantown, but I am going to remedy that in this post.

Boston is quite wonderful. I had never been to Boston before, so I didn’t quite fully understand how many neighborhoods the Greater Boston Area encompassed, all of which are very distinct from the next.  I live in Allston, which is a few miles west of downtown Boston, but is within relatively short walking distance from Brookline, Brighton, and Cambridge.  To travel downtown, I have to take the Green Line of the “T”, which is the colloquial name for the train system here in Boston, but to view the skyline, I only have to travel to my own rooftop! The city shows its age though, as there is seemingly almost as many trees in each neighborhood as there are buildings, which I thoroughly enjoy having grown up in the country.

The overwhelming history of this city is its most attractive feature, in my opinion. Bunker Hill Monument, Fanuiel Hall, Old North Church, or simply Boston Harbor are just a few examples of the many historic sites in this beautiful city. I’ve seen these places a few times over the course of my 3 months here, but my most recent visit to Fanuiel Hall truly instilled this city’s historical significance. Fanuiel Hall was built in 1742, rebuilt after a fire in 1762, and expanded in 1806 to include a great hall. I visited the hall during a lull in the crowd one afternoon, and was able to sit alone contemplating the events that occurred where I was sitting…the many presidents that gave speeches in this hall, the podium that JFK once stood at right before his inauguration, the ground on which colonists first protested the Sugar Act and established “no taxation without representation”…this place was true to its nickname, it was definitely the Cradle of Liberty. This is just an example of the experiences I’ve had exploring this city, but it is easy to appreciate its historical significance when I am surrounded by it daily.

To conclude, would I come back to Boston? Definitely. It might be awhile before I’d consider living here only because there are so many other places I have yet to see, but I can envision my future self living in one of its many neighborhoods. For those who are simply looking to visit and experience the city, you will not be disappointed. Boston gets my approval.

Until next time,



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