Blog Post 3

What’s surprised me most about my internship is how much my team has been able to accomplish considering: we were completely new the country, project topic, and to each other. We’ve been able to accomplish a lot so far in Ethiopia, and although some days we weren’t sure what we were doing or whether it would pay off it has so far. I think the biggest reason for our success is our ability to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. The reason we are in Ethiopia is to learn from health care providers to better understand our assigned problem, and that meant asking to observe and interview a lot of people some of which there is a bit of a language barrier. In the beginning I was definitely a little shy and hesitant to ask for other’s time but at this point in the project I’ve found a way to ask that I think is respectable and come to the realization that the worst that can happen is that someone says no.


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