A Day in the Life of an IBC Intern! – Post #4

This is just a quick and fun photoset of one day of my adventures in my internship! Most weekdays start off with my program assistant job! This session I’m on the cultural engagement team, which means I help with approving or denying trips that RAs run for students. This varies from delicious ramen places to Broadway shows to trips to the beach! I check and make sure that their budget makes sense, the date is good and that they are running a good ratio of expensive and inexpensive trips!


(my co-workers hard at work)

After CE I usually grab lunch, and then, depending on the day, do some work (like taking a student to health services, making posters, doing paperwork, etc), or, if it’s a lighter day, I take a trip to somewhere in NYC! The great thing about this program is that it’s flexible and allows you time to explore!


(Hanging out in Central Park)

I always try to be back around 4 though, so I can check in with my kids and see how their days went, remind them of any cool events happening that evening!


(one of my residents getting ready to do some homework!)

Sometimes we do have really cool events at night, like the Talent Show! Other interns and I might help set up, but we will definitely stay for the whole show to support the students and interns who choose to showcase their skills!


(Talent Show! Woohoo!)

Lastly, usually my co RA Sara and I will check in the kids, although sometimes we’ll go on after curfew trips, like to karaoke or Escape The Room. We do these trips to help build relationship and communication between our girls in our suite, and to just have fun! Here’s a pic of Sara and I being the awesome RAs we are, and teasing our kids about taking the local train, instead of the express train, back to campus!


We have long days, often pretty busy and stressful, but we’re also almost always having a great time with each other and our kids!


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