A Day in the Life of a Southwest Michigan First Intern


My morning begins at 7:00am after hitting the snooze button on my alarm no less than five times. After I roll out of bed I’ve got about forty-five minutes to put on makeup, do my hair and get dressed. On any given day at Southwest Michigan First, clients and members of board may stop by or pop in to see how things are going so our appearance is made a priority. Men are required to wear a shirt and tie and women must wear slacks, skirts, or a dress paired with a blazer. So I slip on a skirt and a button up shirt and slip out the door by 7:45. Provided I don’t get stuck behind a train on the way to work, I usually arrive around 7:55. That gives me just enough time to grab a water and a cliff bar before our morning meeting at 8:05.


Every morning at 8:05 we have our morning meeting, otherwise known as scrum. Our CEO got his inspiration for the name of our morning meeting from his days in college playing rugby. Everyday our scrum topics differ slightly but they are all centered on team engagement. Today, we discussed how to maintain open and trusting relationships in the work place. Other days we go over each other’s schedules for the week or hand out personal thank yous and congratulations to colleagues for the week’s work. Scrum makes it easy to stay connected with my coworkers and the different projects going on in the office.


                Midmorning is typically spent on small tasks and projects that my colleagues have given me. They range anywhere from updating an entire data base, to writing thank you notes for our clients. Sometimes I’ll work on a project for weeks and others will only take 15 minutes. The work is always varying.


                For lunch I frequent my favorite taco joint, Taco Bobs. Taco Bobs is a local restaurant famous for its Funny Taco. It is just a few blocks from the office so at lunch I walk over and sit on their outdoor patio while I enjoy my tacos. At least once a week, a member of our leadership team offers to take me out to discuss how my internship is going and my future plans. It’s a great time for them to offer advice and their resources to help myself and the other interns.


Everyday after lunch, the interns sit down together to discuss our group project. We have been tasked to research how Kalamazoo can become a millennial hub. In recent years, Kalamazoo has struggled to attract and retain Millennials despite having two colleges within its limits. So the leaders of the community have asked us to look within our peer groups for the answer. We will present our findings to our board in late August. We wrap up every day around 5 o’clock and head home for the night.


One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Southwest Michigan First Intern

  1. I like the idea of the morning scrum. As a business tactic, at least. The name itself is pretty terrifying. If I ever had to do anything called a scrum, eight in the morning would be my last choice to do it.


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