Until Next Time, Mil Mujeres – Reflection/Topic 10


You know it was a great experience when saying goodbye is difficult. When I first started the internship I was at I left exactly at 5 because that was the time I had said I could work until. By the end of the internship I was staying until 6/6:30, and keep in mind this was completely voluntary. Even though I had no idea what to expect, I could not have predicted I would have considered the people I work with as a family.



Game night at MM, hanging out with my awesome friends/coworkers.

To start with, I learned how to do so many types of immigration applications, from VAWA, UVISA, DACA to an RFE and I was able to learn how to communicate to other organization locations across the country. My Spanish skills have improved for sure, to the point I able to even talk to a client in Spanish! Not only that, I know that even if I didn’t interact directly with clients, I was able to read their stories of the abuse they have endured, and the struggles they have made to have a better life in the country I was lucky enough to be born in.

Outside of all of these things, everyone there was so kind to one another and this I appreciated above all. I was able to have a positive relationship with every single person and everyone was open to talking about their life experience and how they were able to get to where they were professionally. Not only that, but we were all able to bond during the day doing the work we do, at lunch or even after work at periodic game nights we set up.


Game night at MM, and the founder of MM photobombed my friend and I’s snapchat!

I now know what it’s like to live in the nation’s capital, and I now know what it’s like to work at a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence with exposure to learning a second language in the real world.


A D.C. experience: Kayaking on the Potomac with my close friend Tiffany I met at my internship!



I was able to talk to people in fields that I am interested in for the future. And I know now that I am definitely open to the field of human rights and law, because to me the importance of my career is being so excited to work for the place I want that I would do it voluntarily. Even if my pay is sacrificed, I want to help those that I can.


One last run, saying goodbye to Abraham Lincoln. Heading from D.C. back to Detroit.

I have had one of the best experiences this summer thanks to all of the financial support from U of M and to the kindness others for making this happen for me. Thank you!



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