The American Rome | #3

Although I don’t live that far from DC, I haven’t spent this much time in downtown than I have this summer. I have come to appreciate the capital city for its beautiful buildings and flood of interesting people. In my time after work, I enjoy just sitting outside, in the shade obviously, and just people watch while I eat my lunch. There are no shortages of men in suits on the phone walking toward their favorite restaurant or is there a shortage of large groups of tourists trying to figure out how to work the metro. It’s so cool how there are people from around the world in the city enjoying all the history the place has to offer. From where I work you can see the Supreme Court, The Capitol, and The Washington Monument. Three buildings that are surely known by most people in America, and I just casually look past them on my way to the metro every day.

Another thing I learned a lot about by working in the city is commuting. It takes me a little over an hour to get to work every day. I have gotten a lot better at using the bus and train systems in the city and I am very thankful for that. Prior to this experience, I wouldn’t have had any idea what the red line to shady grove would have even meant. It’s the experience in the little things I will appreciate about this internship because in many ways it is my first time doing a lot of the things I have been doing throughout the summer.


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