Surprises at Amrita | #3

There are a lot of surprises when you are working on a farm for the first time- especially one in it’s developmental stages. At Amrita, a big focus is on the orchard and it’s micro apple trees. I’ve grown up in Michigan where it was commonplace to go apple picking on a grade school field trip or with your family for the weekend, so actually being behind the scenes in an orchard is a very different experience. The orchard at Amrita is far from producing enough apples for anyone really, but I now understand the work it would take to get there. Also surprising is the little things it takes to maintain a farm. For example, the time you have to take just to weed, which doesn’t seem like a huge task, but makes the biggest difference. There has been many surprises since I’ve been here since the logistics of farming is something that I and most people don’t really think about even though it effects each of us. A lot of this has been a great learning experience.


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