My Favorite Experience | #3

It’s really hard to narrow down my experiences working in a congressional campaign to just one favorite. Campaign life has lots of positive and negatives aspects, but the positive ones sure outweigh the negative ones.

I’ve enjoyed traveling all over the congressional district, working with interns from all over the state, helping recruit volunteers, and speaking with constituents who desire to see change in our country and in southeast Michigan.

But, my favorite experience so far definitely has to be some of our Saturday Team walks and gatherings. These walks offer each team member and intern the opportunity to experience all the best (and worst) parts of the campaign in just half a Saturday. Some days are hot, some might be rainy, but we always show up because we believe in our candidate. Going door to door canvassing is never easy, but it’s much better with team mates and friends. Our Saturday walks leave each member with unique memories or door knocking stories to share with the entire team. These can range from meeting a crazy old man, speaking with a concerned constituent, or changing the mind of a voter.

My favorite team walk was in Adrian Michigan where we held an office opening and hit the doors after. I was paired with a team member I had never had the opportunity to work with, and we became great friends! After the walk, we went to the Spotted Cow and I had the best blizzard. It was a great day, with beautiful weather and friends, where I felt like I we were all important to the team.


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