Funding Hope (Part 2)

A recent spat of layoffs and resignations has rocked our organization, leaving me with limited resources to continue administering the ReStore.  I have had to defer time spent promoting from my office, and instead work directly on the sales floor. The change in setting has proven to be informative. I see firsthand what policies do and do not work, and when I detect a deficiency, I am able to immediately begin working through a solution. I engage with customers and donors directly, developing methods on the spot to effectively represent our affiliate’s mission and to resolve client complaints.


My recent experiences have ignited a new wave of creativity that has left me with myriad new ideas on how to improve the ReStore’s organization. I see now how we can streamline the donation acceptance process for donors, as well as how we can connect customers to the goods they’re interested in more quickly. Moving from the office to the showroom, I had feared my work would generate less than its full value; I found instead an opportunity to refine my perspective and improve the store’s operations further.


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