First Weekend in Accra, Ghana

We arrived in Ghana after flying for 20 hours with a layover in Amsterdam. Our first night was brief as we got in late. The following morning we set out to explore Accra. We grabbed some lunch at the Accra Mall and then to the markets. The first market we visited was Makola Market, Ghana’s second biggest market. The market was expansive and covered several streets, all in all it was several square miles. The Makola Market had everything from all types of food to jewelry, fabric, and more. There was a large amount of fish, snails, crabs, bean, rice, and more. I saw one women with a large batch of homemade peanut butter that she was stirring. There were rows upon rows of colored fabric and clothes. Bracelet’s and necklace’s were also very common. I ended up stopping and buying some necklaces and bracelets. We headed to the street portion of the market and that is where I bought a patterned shirt and a few yards of blue and yellow fabric.

Afterwards we headed to the Accra Art Market. We stopped and ate at a restaurant that was adjacent to the market. At the restaurant I had delicious Red Red with Chicken. Upon entering the Art Market, I stopped at a drum shop. In the shop they thought me and a colleagu

e to beat and play on the African drums. It was a fun experience. After drumming I went around to some more shops and continued to barter the hats I had brought from the U.S. I with some drums, a hat, backpack, mask, necklace, two paintings, keychain, and some more bracelet’s. Afterwards the shopkeepers took some pictures with me.

Later that night we at this restaurant Chez Afrique which had a fun vibe. Music was playing in the background, with some people dancing. I had dish called Banku and I ate it with fried octopus. This finished off our Saturday.

Sunday was a more calmer day and we stayed around campus. For lunch I had fufu with chicken in groundnut soap. I walked around the University of Ghana-Legon campus and saw very cool sites. My favorite was the Blake Library which had a pool of water on one side with various statues of Ghanaians and a statue of Gandhi on the outside. We ended the day with dinner at a Turkish restaurant. At the restaurant I had a Pide. All in all the weekend was a good start to the trip.


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