The Rush | #4

I love the rush of social media. Everything is so fast-paced and content is expected to be produced rapidly and eloquently. When I’m bombarded with multiple projects at once, I experience a type of runner’s high. It’s a good kind of stress I think that I’ve come to need in my life. Maybe it’s the fast-paced nature and adaptation to the overall overwhelming feeling of college, but I’ve discovered that without this certain kind of stress, my life seems empty and everything seems to slow down. I feel like the blood running through my veins literally slows down when I am not working on a high intensity project.

Through experiencing this rush, I’ve learned that with whatever I choose to pursue in my life, there should be a defining characteristic that motivates me to continue the activity/task at hand and that I’m not just mindlessly doing something because society or my parents expect me to do it. It has made me ask the the question, “Why?” Am I doing this for myself or for the approval to others? Is what I’m doing going to benefit me in the near or far future? Is what I am doing a productive way to spend my time or am I just working really hard at something that won’t result in anything productive? Through questions like these, I have also learned that even if what I’m doing isn’t what is acceptable as “productive” in the professional world, for example, spending a Sunday watching Netflix with friends, if it is productive for the mind, body, or soul, then it has just as much, if not more value as spending an afternoon learning InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop tutorials.

I’m very glad that I’ve come to discover this so early in my college career because it has given me invaluable insights to career characteristics I will be specifically looking for in my next job. Knowing what you want in your career is extremely key in the pursuit of happiness. I am also forever thankful to my internship at #UMSocial because it has paved my way to a major in communications and a minor in graphic design. The classes that I have scheduled for this upcoming fall term genuinely excite me and I am so happy that I’ve found a major that sparks genuine interest!





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