The Grind of Astro-Japanese


Or just simply, hello again everybody. The time has come to create another blog post about what has been going on with my internship. Basically, the same old same old stuff. Code doesn’t want to cooperate with what I’m telling it to do, diagrams aren’t coming out correctly, and Japanese is still creating too much stress for one person to bear. Luckily, the class is over next week and then I’ll be able to make more plans for the rest of the summer (all two weeks of it yay…)

Reflecting on the summer experience as a whole, holy crap these few months were hell at some points. At one point, I had to do about 10 hours of programming, study grammar, and study for a kanji quiz the next day. For those who don’t know, kanji are Chinese characters in Japanese (行、私、酒、好、etc.) Very useful but sometimes are very hard and have a lot of strokes that need to be followed, like shiken (exam) 試験. I hate this kanji with a burning passion but luckily I haven’t had to write it in a while.


Which translates to: despite taking Japanese, I was able to study diligently. Anyway, the grind can only continue and get better at this point right? RIGHT?


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