That’s a wrap!

This Monday will be my 12th and final week as a participant in the D-SIP program. This summer has challenged me professionally and personally in multiple ways, but most importantly this summer has given me the opportunity to ask myself these questions: what does my career look like? what am I good at? what type of work environment do I need to thrive professionally? what are my future personal goals, do my professional goals interfere? can I be happy working in an office 8-5 for the length of a career?

Obviously I have a lot of questions, and for the most part I was able to find answers. These questions weren’t answered overnight, and I struggled with a fear of the unknown for a majority of my summer. I have worried that the fear of taking risks will hold me back, or hold me stagnant in a place where I cannot further my future goals. Well, I am scared. But I was also scared to take an internship this summer which would require me to completely rearrange my lifestyle, schedule and frame of mind. But being scared means you are taking a chance, and this is always worth pursing. I am grateful for the experience, and most importantly the relationships I have built during the program. I still have many questions left regarding what my next steps will be, but I now have the capacity to tackle these questions.



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