Snapshot| #4


The photo above shows some of the students who are a part of the REAL Kids Summer Camp program held by our organization. We hold this summer camp for free for youth in the K-5th grade who live in East Harlem and the South Bronx. This photo was taken on the steps of the American Indian Museum on a Friday. Every Friday, the kids go on a field trip and on this day, they needed more chaperones, so I gladly volunteered. I got to meet all of these students for the first time that day and had a blast with them. All of the kids has such distinct personalities, especially Jameek (the cheeky one in the back). Despite the heat and taking public transportation from uptown all the way downtown, I had the best time with these kids!

A lot of my internship now has me interacting directly with the students ever since summer camp started. Prior to the start of summer camp, I was doing office work around the clock, but now I get the chance to interact with the children and even go on field trips with them!


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