My Awesome Mentor

A true mentorship develops on its own. Most internships or new hire programs assign you a mentor when you arrive so that you have someone to talk to and ask questions. That is what was supposed to happen for me, but my manager forgot to assign me a mentor. At first this made me nervous that I would not find a mentor or have someone to help me, but after a few weeks I had a mentor, and the relationship developed naturally, which was even better in my eyes.

Leslie was a woman on my team that I had the opportunity to shadow at her client site. The first time we met we clicked. We have very similar personalities and even bonded over personal interests. She liked me enough to let me keep tagging along on meetings and even invited me to play in a golf outing with her. We had a blast of course, and usually did when we were together. A mentor-mentee relationship is different than that of a manager-intern. With Leslie I felt like I could really talk about what the IBM culture is like, and how she enjoys her job, and where the best fit for me is within the company; without any reserve. She is one of my favorite people I met at the company, and someone I plan to stay in touch with, not only for career advice, but because she is someone I truly enjoy talking to.


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