If there’s one thing I learned this summer at Apple, it’s that detail matters. Apple’s impacting the world with revolutionary technology, but they still care about the smallest details. It’s insane. It’s freaking awesome. And that’s part of what gives Apple that Apple aesthetic, where you can remove the bitten apple logo and you’ll still know it’s Apple. I say this because I’m currently preparing my final intern keynote (notice I didn’t say PowerPoint) and it’s been an incredible experience doing so. I’m sure you’ve watched previous WWDC keynotes or the new product launches from the past and have noticed that Apple’s keynotes are the best in the world. The keynotes are clean, beautiful, and engaging. As you may assume, there are very high standards here for presentations and every detail on the slides are noticed.

I’ve never spent so many hours preparing slides, rehearsing slides, redoing slides, dreaming about slides; Keynote has been my life for the past week. I honestly don’t mind it, I completely understand why Apple holds such standards for a presentation, and especially since I’ll be presenting to higher-ups as well. The size of text on a slide, color scheme, animations, word choice, etc.—everything you see on a slide (and more) needs to be very well thought out and intentional. I love how the other interns all realize it also, and everyone makes sure their slides have that aesthetic too.


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