Grand Rapids, MI | #2

From the moment I landed my internship, I [unconsciously] painted an image of what my life would look like over the summer: the jobs I would be doing, the people I would be working with, and place I would be living.

Calling Grand Rapids home made me somewhat nervous.  When I think of places on the west side of the state, my mind automatically goes to the realm of “Bible-thumper” – I personal bias that I realized was unfair…but I couldn’t help it!  Life in Ann Arbor had accustomed me to a progressive, liberal, young environment, and I feared Grand Rapids would be the total converse.

Once I finally established roots and got a feel for the city, however, I was sorely mistaken. Grand Rapids is not the conservative, stuffy home I imagined. Rather, it was full of creative, young professionals, looking to advance the city. As I walk into work every day, I am surrounded by museums, art collectives, and local breweries. Live musicians line the streets as Pokemon-Go-ers try to catch-em-all. Food trucks gather in Rosa Parks Circle to tackle the lunch-time rush. Every colorful corner of this city has pleasantly surprised me.

Though I’ve only been here for a few short weeks, I’ve already taken in so much that the city has to offer.  And yet, I realize there is so much more that is out of my reach…for now.  I’m sure my future will involve Grand Rapids in someway, somehow. Grand Rapids has made a mark on me, and I’d like to think I made some miniscule mark on it.


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