Getting to know you

My summer research fellowship has incorporated a lot of learning in the everyday aspects of the job – learning how to perform laboratory protocols, about various aspects of the diseases we study, and the best way to approach a research question.  But never would I have imagined learning so many things outside the lab.

One of the most important things I have done this summer is getting to know my female coworkers.  In a male-dominated field, it can sometimes be difficult to express yourself in situations.   By getting to know my coworkers, I have gained the camaraderie and support from those I work with on a daily basis.  Through these after-work day excursions, I have gotten to know about the lives and cultures of those I work with.



Our first potluck dinner… plans for many more to come.

For one of our first dinner parties, four of us gathered at my apartment and we all made a dish to pass.  It was a wonderful intermingling of traditional American and traditional Chinese food.



A pizza party before seeing Now You See Me 2 – please note that cheese pizza from Domino’s is only $6.99 for a large. This is not an official endorsement.

As the weeks passed, we spent time getting dinner, seeing movies, and sharing stories about lab, home, and everything in between.


BurgerFi after a 5-mile trip through the Arb.  Happy to teach about some Midwestern traditions, i.e. dipping french fries in milkshakes is the best way to eat fries.


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