Future Plans | Post #4

masters degreeMy internship has opened my mind and given me a lot of new perspective. One of the most major influences that my internship has had on me is the persuasion towards getting either my masters degree or MBA.

I have had the opportunity to meet with many of the company leaders; people with higher responsiblity and also higher paying jobs. These people are who I consider to be the most successful with respect to a career. They are people I admire and want to strive to be. One thing that stuck out to me about all the most successful people in my company is that they all have a higher education that exceeds just a bachelors degree. I am not saying you cannot obtain a job  high up in a company with just a bachelors. I am saying that you have a much higher probabiliy and/or easier time obtaining such a job with education beyond a four year degree.

The company I am currently working for, Johnson Controls, has a program where they pay for the graduate school programs for their employees. That is something else that I find extremely motivating for furthering my education. This is something not exclusive to my company either, it is something many comapanies offer. So now when I am applying for jobs for after I graduate, I will definitely take into consideration if the company offers a program such as this.



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