Final Week

I cannot believe that I sit at my desk for my last Monday morning with D-SIP. This summer has been a beautiful combination of an honest and supportive space with leadership staff, the responsibility of my supervisors, and the incredible community of fellow interns with a healthy amount of ambiguity and newness with the scope of my individual project, the self-direction required of me, and the new experience of working an office position from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. I have grown both personally and professionally and have learned more about what I truly want to pursue after graduation this upcoming spring. While I do not know exactly what city I will reside in or what title my position will be, I have grown in my confidence that I truly do know what I want for myself. When people ask, so what’s next after graduation? it is far too easy to respond with the caviler “who knows”, and “I have no clue”, when in reality this summer has taught me that I do know what I have envisioned for myself. It is a culmination of many small things that encompass finding a supportive and diverse community, finding balance with the things I love to do, maintaining relationships, finding a work environment that challenges me and allows me to interact with others, and doing social change work.

What a phenomenal and eye opening summer.




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