Future Plans | Blog #3


When I began my internship, I was excited to see what a new field had in store for me. While I have always known that my interests lie in the biomedical sciences, more recently, I uncovered the field of computer science and the possibilities it provides. Over the past school year, I have become fascinated by the application of computer science to biological problems, particularly neuroscience, and I hoped to engage myself in this intersection. Through my online searches and research prior to and during my internship, I explored the field of systems biology, which aims to solve some of physiology’s biggest problems using high-throughput data and complex computational tools, and this field seemed very compelling. My internship this summer has provided me the basis to begin exploring computational methods and give me a sense of what of working as a computational biologist might entail. Additionally, the problems that I enjoy the most are complex and interdisciplinary, something that this field embodies. Once I finish my undergraduate career here at Michigan, I hope to attend graduate school in systems biology so that I can immerse myself in this exciting new field. Afterwards, I think I would enjoy working with a biomedical lab to build computational models, but also conduct wet-lab based research. In the past, I have interned in a genetics lab and together the work I did then and my work this summer has given me a sense for the impact computer science can have on the biomedical community worldwide. I would also be interested to develop sophisticated software that can benefit work in all walks of life, especially programs that aid the disadvantaged medical community. Technology has the power to transform medicine and human well-being far beyond the limits we face today, and therefore, I plan to use my academic interests in the most impactful way I can. So far my internship has helped me narrow down where in the field of biology I feel most passionate about, and it has provided me the opportunity to build up my skill set as I work to achieve my goals.


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