Future Jobs | 3

Going into my internship this summer, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would want for a future job. I really wanted to use this summer as an opportunity to explore potential jobs and varying fields. Working in the nonprofit sector has helped me realize that I am incredibly interested in working in or with this sector in the future. I love the type of environment that a nonprofit offers and the independence and responsibility staff members have. I also like the vision and goals of nonprofits, which are geared to serve others.

My summer internship has offered me lots of clarity. I always thought that I didn’t want anything to do with business or fields that have a similar structures. However, upon working in a nonprofit, I realized that not all businesses are bad. Also, upon working with Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinators, I found that I may be interested in a corporate job that helps others. I am now looking for a company that is socially responsible and has good CSR. I am glad that my internship has allowed me to explore job prospects and shift my perspective on business. In the future, I am interested in pursuing a job either in CSR or the non-profit sector.


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