A Little More Than Sitting Behind a Computer || #1

You’d probably expect an intern in a psychology lab to be running around conducting experiments.  Maybe that would involve reading aloud a piece of paper containing instructions of the experiment to the test subjects.  Or maybe it might be making attempts at recruiting new subjects at a pretty barren Michigan campus.

The best part of my internship at a research lab? It doesn’t involve any of those things.  Rather, I’m a part of reading and processing our raw data.  It does sound boring in the surface. Well, I guess observing somebody attempt to code and analyse data would be boring; one would probably just envision a lonely person tapping furiously away at a keyboard.  But it’s extracting data within a dataset brings its own sets of joys.  Like the joy of discovering different anomalies that diverge from conventional, textbook information.  Or the joy of learning new different shortcuts and coding languages that you could use within MatLab to make your job that more efficient.  I think I’ve once again found why it is so nice to work within a research lab: to find novel information that you’d never dream of existing.

Or perhaps it might be the fact that I don’t have to be in the hot, Michigan sun trying to find new participants in our lab study. Working under air-conditioning does has its benefits


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