Blog 4| Social Justice in Chicago

The past few weeks in Chicago have been full of experiences shaping my decision to challenge social justice topics in my communities. Social justice has risen from the plentitude of events occurring in the nation and the conversations of the constituents. If you want to strengthen your knowledge on social justice than conversing about other people’s experiences will expand your knowledge. Before people are able to understand other’s experiences, they have to put their experiences aside.

Why do you need to put yourself aside?

A person speaks about what they believe and they want to hear a response correlated to their experience not your experience. One of the most difficult habits I have is to incorporate my life into every conversation even when the conversation is not for me. Some people just need a shoulder to lean on so they can feel the warmth of reassurance from another person. When you are a child you have moments or ideas that cement your beliefs and make you who you are. These moments or ideas can benefit and hurt social justice because of the need to build a relationship, which can’t be built if your views deny you the ability to build a relationship with certain people.

The youth has the ability to alter the present but will have to work as one to accomplish their goals. The difficulty of working together needs to be shaped by the ability of people’s experiences becoming fortitude, not a difference. When a peace march is trying to be created then, you want to establish a goal, directions, logistics, and unity. The unity has to be sparked from conversations within a community that has a belief of compassion and teamwork over selfishness. I hope those behind a social justice movement can connect on personal characteristics not on a personal event. The personal event can create a yearning for social justice but their needs to be a passion to incorporate others into your accomplishments.

Once we are able to exclude our selfish goals and comprehend what others believe then, we can cement what we, as a community, want to do. Instead of becoming an illusion, there has to be an exclamation for action, which can inspire others who are younger to understand the change they need to be a part of. I know I will have to listen to those around me but I know I have to be more outspoken when I feel there are ideas in need of flourishing or removal.


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