A Day in the Life | #2

IMG_4498Each morning, I make the one mile trek down 14th St. to the US Department of Commerce building, and almost every morning, I stop to get coffee on the way. The great, yet terrible, part of living in downtown DC is that there is a coffee shop everywhere you turn. Passing five Starbucks, two Au Bon Pains, and one Pret on the way to work makes it pretty difficult for a coffee lover like me to say “no” everyday.


IMG_4507.JPGThis keyboard was essentially my life for the first three and a half weeks of the internship. I was specifically hired to assist the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis economists with a Mergers & Acquisitions data analysis project using firm-level data through an economic software called Bloomberg. As dull as sifting through data can be, I actually really enjoyed the consistency of perfecting one vast spreadsheet everyday. Further, proficiency in Bloomberg is incredibly useful to add to my resume. Bloomberg terminals are one of the most popular economic data sources in both the public and private sectors, but they are not particularly intuitive or easy to use. My ability to navigate through the software will certainly set me apart from other candidates in my future applications.



Life at Commerce is not solely about data work, however. The ITA Intern Network hosts events every week for my fellow interns and I to get out of our offices, hear from public officials in other bureaus and departments, and just have fun together. The name of the game is Networking, and while many of us cringe at the sheer thought of it, getting to know people and hearing about their life experience can be wonderful.

Depicted here is our weekly outing to lunch at the Friday farmer’s market, positioned between the Ronald Reagan Building and Federal Triangle Metro stop.



Weather permitting, I like to take the long way home after work. The Washington Monument is across the street from Commerce, but if I go a little farther I can circle the White House or gaze into the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool. After nearly twenty-one years of only seeing these monuments in pictures, I am awestruck that I can simply stroll through them on my way home. Not everyone has the opportunity to see the things I’ve seen or stand where I have stood in our nation’s capitol. I never want to take that for granted or miss a single minute of it.



Just in case I didn’t have enough coffee throughout my day, most nights find me back in Starbucks. While to the untrained eye it may appear that I am a real, grown-up business woman, the discerning know that I am still a student. Thus, I end my days studying for the GRE and dreaming about where my faithful God will lead me next.





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