Tough Goodbyes | #17

This Monday, my last day in the lab, my supervisor and I had finally gone to take pictures of my sample with the scanning electron microscope. This was pretty cool because I got the opportunity to coat the membrane with nano particles since the membrane would not be visible to the microscope without it. With these last minute step, I was kind of concerned that I wasn’t going to have any results on my poster, but we made it happen.

We had the symposium where everyone presented what they did for the last two months this past Tuesday. Most had poster presentations while about 12 did power point presentations. I was not all that nervous because I did a poster presentation this past April. I was a part of the same program at my university( UROP), so I pretty much knew what to expect. I was very calm and presented my research in a very thorough manner, and I was very proud and excited  share what I have learned with others.

After the symposium, we had our end of the program dinner celebration at a surprise location. The name of the restaurant was “Souprise” interesting enough. The dinner was provided to us at the expense of UROP. Since there was free food, I made sure I was going to be there, but not only because of the food of course. We had food and drinks, talked, and danced. It was a good time. The only thing I wish there would have been more of was food because there didn’t seem like there was enough for everybody.

It was tough to say goodbye to some of the people that I have become friends with knowing that I may never get the chance to see some of them again. A lot of the people live relatively far from me. I will make an effort to see the 5 people from the University of Michigan once the school year starts, though. Before we left the  restaurant,  we gave hugs to everyone saying our final goodbyes.

As I am leaving to prepare for my final trip in Europe and clean my room, I saw one of my lab coworkers that I said goodbye too a few weeks ago because he was leaving the lab. I would not have thought that he would have been the last person I would see from the lab.

It hurts to say that program is unfortunately over. This summer has been tons of fun and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to come to Germany, visit many European countries, and do some pretty cool research. I also had the pleasure of meeting some very cool people from all over North America and Europe and can now gladly say that I have international friends.

This summer has taught me so much about myself and what I would like to do in the future. I will cherish the memories made this summer forever. Being here in Europe and going on all of these spontaneous trips has made me realize that I want to go on more adventures because I have done that much exploring of my own country. so I plan on going on random trips in the US albeit it is a little bit more difficult because of lack of cheap public transportation and the far distance between major cities.

As I stated  before I am humbly grateful for that opportunity that was given to me. I would like to thank UROP International LSA for awarding me with scholarships because without it I would not have able to afford this internship. I also would like to thank my wonderful supervisor. He has been a pleasure to work with.

Thank You Germany! I will forever remember you.


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