Surprise in Chucks | #2

In my internship what surprised me most the setting of an office. This is the first time in my life that I have worked in an office setting and since the very first day I have stuck out like a sore thumb. On the very first day, I came dressed in black slacks, brown flats, a long sleeve orange blouse, and a large brown handbag that I never wear. I felt so out of my comfort zone and that was the last time I dressed like that. I was trying way too hard to fit in and I guess I should have been since I was the intern and the new girl.

Yet, something in me just refused to get dressed like that again after that first week. I could have been that I ran out of fancy clothes very quickly or I just disliked feeling uncomfortable while working. So from then on, I went dressed in what I felt like wearing, jeans and chucks if that’s what I was feeling that day. In a way, I felt better about sticking out over time because I was dressed like me and I wanted to be fully myself always. In a place like DC, where most people are in suits, pencil skirts or blazers, I was happy with my decision. I was even happier that no one I worked with made me feel awkward about how I dressed and some even complimented me on it.


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