Jacques Louis-David ft. Drake | Blog #1


Salam! Nama saya Shannon Palmer. (Hello! My name is Shannon Palmer.) One day prior to the beginning of this amazing internship, I returned from one of the most remarkable journeys of my life. I was able to study abroad for spring term on the islands of Java and Bali, Indonesia. Safe to say I was a bit jet lagged in the first few days.

Basic information on me though…I was born and raised on the westside of Detroit, Michigan until the 5th grade when my family moved to Southfield, Michigan. I now attend the University of Michigan. I am in my 4th and final year obtaining my B.A. in Sociology and History of Art.

I was not exposed to the fine art world until my junior year in high school but at once I fell in love. I had only visited the Art Institute of Chicago twice before beginning my internship but it has been a whirlwind from day one. In the very first days I tried to fight off the feelings of intimidation. At once, I was surrounded by some of the finest minds not only in my cohort but on the Museum Education team. There was an overwhelming bit of information and procedure that had to be learned in just two weeks. I knew though that I was put in the position to learn so all I really had to do was delve in. The anticipation has been building and so has my excitement. When I look back to where I began, just a 16-year-old girl sitting in on my first Advanced Placement Art History class(with a few friends pictured above) much to my chagrin to now hopping off the Purple Line and turning the corner off of Monroe to see the Art Institute up ahead, I can only think about how proud I am of myself and how blessed I am to have this opportunity.

I do what I do for my loved ones, those who fought for me to be here, those young brown skin adolescent eyes that are always watching and lastly for myself.

ps. Thanks Dean Marcia Williams and Mark Trexler. I would not be here if it had not been for you two.


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